L-Tyrosine is one of the 20 standard amino acids that are used by cells to synthesise proteins. It is used to produce adrenaline and dopamine.

What it does

  • Improves memory and the ability to think
  • Reduces the effect of fatigue on cognitive performance

This helps you

  • Execute tasks effectively for longer
  • Improve Skill Acquisition

During prolonged exercise fatigue is often a limiting factor that has a negative affect on the ability to execute skilled movements. The latter stages of team sports are often periods when most mistakes are made largely as a result of fatigue. L-Tyrosine plays a crucial role in maintaining focus and decision making in stressful or fatiguing situations.


Research has shown that using L-Tyrosine supplements significantly improve cognitive function and performance. A number of studies have found L-tyrosine to be useful during conditions of stress, cold, fatigue, prolonged work and sleep deprivation, with reductions in stress hormone levels and improvements in cognitive and physical performance seen in human trials.

PBN Products containing L-Tyrosine

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