During a career that has spanned Premier League and International football teams, Dave Billows has helped elite performers improve their physical condition to improve their performance.

Many attributes and approaches apply to both the amateur and professional athlete. Dedication and commitment must underpin any talent.

Now in charge of his own Elite Performance business, ‘Pro-Athletic‘ can count World Champion boxers among their clientele. Yet for the ‘everyday’ person who is looking to achieve athletic or aesthetic improvements in their life, Pro Athletic can provide tailored advice to help with the understanding of the technical aspects of achieving goals.



Dave stresses that in order to maintain progress it’s important to freshen up any routines every 4 weeks. “Research has proven that muscles adapt quickly to movements, so changing every 4 weeks ensures you’re working muscles from different angles. This leads to the body and muscles being challenged and having to adapt once more”.

When it comes to nutrition, Pro Athletic offer sound advice on maintaining good dietary habits and which extra supplements are required to fully supply the body’s requirements.

“Quality Whey Protein blended with key nutrients are a must Post-Workout. As an example, if you’ve just completed a strength session, you’ve fully stressed muscle fibres, expended large amounts of energy and now your body is looking to repair the fibres. To maximise results from training, consuming quality protein from a shake is the optimal choice. The idea of eating a steak or chicken just will not compete. The rate of protein absorption is far slower, and your body will be redirecting a lot of blood to the stomach in order to digest such a meal. With a shake, the uptake is rapid and the blood can be used for transporting nutrients to muscles instead”.

Dave recommends Pure Impact PreWorkout to stimulate your system and boost energy.

After strength training sessions, ever popular and effective these days, Pure Repair will supply adequate Whey Protein, Antioxidants and Creatine Monohydrate.

Pure Impact PreWorkout Boost

Energise your mind, body and spirit with Pure Impact.

Make sure you’re firing on all cylinders and blast lethargy away to be at your best.

Each delicious scoop delivers a balanced cocktail of stimulation and energy.

Add Fruit To Deliver RDA Vitamins:

Add one scoop of Impact to your blender and around 150ml of water,

One half orange

One half kiwi

One half banana

Blitz for 2 minutes in your blender and consume pre-workout!

 Shake For Post Workout

After an intense training session or competition, you’ll need a blend of quality carbohydrates, protein and micro-nutrients to establish optimum recovery.

Each delicious and nutrient dense scoop of Repair packs a quite immense 27g of protein, 5g of Creatine plus added Leucine for protein synthesis.

Simply add one delicious scoop of Repair to your shaker and around 300-400ml of Milk/Water/Almond Milk you prefer to deliver you essential muscle re-building protein.

Tip: Fruit that’s a touch unripened can be a bit sharp, why not add a splash of honey to soften the notes a touch?!