We use Pure Repair Plus as part of our post-match recovery process – an important time to get high quality nutrients into the players. The added glutamine, vitamins and minerals add to the quality of the product, and the fibre and probiotics help with digestion. With the ever increasing intensity of elite level football, optimal recovery becomes a vital part of the programme – Pure Repair Plus is a key part of our nutrition strategy at NUFC.

Sports Scientist

Newcastle United FC

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Thrive And Shine With A Repair+ Shake

Awesome Tropical Fruit Blend

With a complete nutritional make up, Repair+ can also act as a meal replacement. So why not try this shake as a lunch/snack replacement?
Chop 4 slices of fresh pineapple
One sliced banana
2 coconut chunks.
One cup of mango chunks
Add scoops (140g) to a blender along with a hand-full of red berries, 450ml of semi-skimmed milk, and blast for 2 minutes
Add 3 Ice Cubes and blend for a further minute
Pour and savour!


Thrive And Shine With A Repair+ Shake

Shake For Post Workout

After a workout your appetite can become a little subdued, so don’t overload your shake with too much fruit and added ingredients
Simply blend the 2 scoops of Repair+ with a choice of 300ml of skimmed milk or water
Each delicious and nutritious serving packs a quite immense 39g of protein to help your muscle recovery




At least 1 hour before heading to sleep
Add 2 scoops (70g) to your blender/bullet and 275ml of skimmed milk. Blast for 90 seconds and slowly consume