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Tony Bellew knows a thing or two about dedication to training. The discipline, the commitment to the cause, overcoming adversity, self-doubt and ‘naysayers’.

You only have one person to answer to in life, and that’s you.

Now the curtain has fallen on a glittering Pro Boxing career, Tony has vowed to maintain an active lifestyle. Training 3-5 times per week, most of Tony’s sessions are a combination of strength training and cardiovascular workouts.

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Setting new fitness goals and inspiring others to live their life better is what I’m all bout now that I’ve retired from the ring.

I have to admit that it’s a struggle for me. I’ve always been honest about struggling to resist sweets, and sitting at home with the kids that can be truly difficult let me tell you!

The key for me is to plan my training and stick to it religiously. Staying away from too much alcohol is something I’m used to so that’s not an issue.

To make sure I’m raring to go each day I take 2x #Genesis19 multivitamins before a shot of #PureImpact PreWorkout.

Training is always fun but it seems to become more and more competitive, as all the guys I train with are ex-sportsmen!

I do look forward to the end of a session, not just because it’s tough going- we always spend time chatting and enjoying a terrific Genesis19 Whey Protein shake. It satisfies my protein needs and tastes great.


With a fierce approach to training and fitness, Tony has long understood how important it is to supplement with the right products. Genesis 19 has been developed with your workout and lifestyle on mind.

Premium Whey Protein has been combined with Glutamine and L-Carnitine, to ensure you can build muscle mass and recover efficiently from every session.

With luxurious taste and 30 servings, you’ll pack a punch at the gym.

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#Renew Your Vigour With A Genesis19 Shake

Great Shakes For Breakfast

Protein is a great addition to your breakfast routine

Try this mini recipe to kick start your renewal

Blast 1 scoop (30g) of Genesis19 Whey in a blender along with a hand-full of red berries, 350-450ml of Almond Milk, 3 thick table spoons of Natural Yoghurt and one full banana