Pure Multi-Vitamins

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Amount Per Capsule: Vitamin A 200mcg Vitamin E 3mg Vitamin C 20mg Vitamin K 18.75mcg Vitamin B1 0.27mg Vitamin B2 0.35mg Vitamin B6 0.35mg Vitamin B12 0.625mcg Vitamin D 1.25mcg Biotin 12.5mcg Folic Acid 50mcg Niacin 4mcg Pantothenic Acid 1.5mg Iron 3.5mg Iodine 37mcg Copper 0.25mg Manganese 0.5mg Chromium 10mcg Chloride 200mg Molybdenum 12mcg Selenium 13mcg Zinc 2.5mg Magnesium 94mg Citrus Bioflavanoid 25mg CoQ10 125mcg Vanadium 6mcg Calcium 1.5mg Boron 2.5mg

When embarking on increased loading phases during training for muscle gain or dieting for tone and weightloss, it’s vital you supply your body with a full vitamin compliment. Our Pure Multivitamin is ideal and includes everything a premium multivitamin should.

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1 review for Pure Multi-Vitamins

  1. Adrian

    Always take a multi vitamin to cover all bases. Seems to help all round

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